2018-1 Jan 16th

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

January 16, 2018

      Approved March 21, 2018


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Terry Millis and Diane Tsaprazis (4).


Minutes:  The minutes of November 7, 2017 were approved with one change.


Treasurer’s Report:  Terry distributed the 12-31-17 Citizen’s Bank statement and a 2017 spreadsheet of all our checks written during the year. 

-        We received dues from 165 homes in 2017, as budgeted.  Our bank statement showed a balance of $8,290.02 on 12-31-17. 

-        Terry has $1,175 in 2017 dues checks that need to be deposited from 12 homeowners (one paid $75).  There were 7 checks written in December that had not cleared:  $1,436 to the City for our annual water bill; $500 to Saxton’s for fall cleanup at 8 Mile; $19.05 to Bob Moore for Holiday decorations; $225 to Rainy Dave’s for winterizing our sprinklers at the end of the season; $460 to Metro Grounds for fall cleaning up of the interior islands and trimming the Bicentennial Park entrance; $50 to Laura Thompson for posting content to our website during 2017; and $100.17 to Diane Tsaprazis for fall mums at 8 Mile.  After adjusting for these transactions, our actual 12-31-17 balance is $6,674.60. 

-        Terry said about 15 homes paid dues in response to our reminder letter mailed in October.

-        In comparison to our budget, we allowed for $2,000 for water, and came in under at $1,436.  Denny stated that a water rate increase came mid-year, and that in drier years our water bill has been close to the budgeted amount.  Our irrigation budget of $825 was insufficient for the $1,149.44 needed, primarily because of repairs needed to 2 backflow preventers requiring a return visit from the testing company, Genson’s Plumbing.  Our electric bills totaling $529 were within the $730 budgeted although it should be noted that our lights were out at both entrances for portions of the year.  


Welcome Committee:  Denny and Ginny Gerstner visited 2 new homeowners.  They gave the owners the 2017 dues coupon and asked them to use it for 2018.  We discussed other homes that will need a visit. 


Annual Letter:  We discussed the items we need to include in our 2018 letter.  All Board members are up for reelection.  We need a new Welcome Committee Chair.  We will recommend homeowners join the site Nextdoor.com to share community needs.  We will ask for a volunteer to review our accounting records, as the person we had in mind proved to be too expensive.  Diane will prepare a draft for the Board to review.  Terry can make mailing labels.  Diane can get envelopes and postage.  Postage rates go up Saturday, January 20th


Damages at 8 Mile:  Denny reported that he has not received a response from Deborah Brown of the Wayne County Dept. of Management and Budget regarding a reimbursement of $599 we paid an electrician to repair the electrical damage done during the 2017 8 Mile paving project.  He may have to contact Terry Merecki, Wayne County Commissioner. 


Gill Road Lights:  Denny reported that he has not been able to test the 1 light he purchased due to cold weather.  We agreed that we should include the $64.54 cost of this one light in the 2017 financials.  We will have Terry, our electrician, try out the light when the weather warms up.  We will need a total of 4 lights to illuminate both signs.


Website:  Homeowner and past Treasurer, Dave Wood, personally paid to renew our domain name for one year.  Thank you to Dave!  We discussed allocating funds in the 2018 budget to have our webmaster update our site. 


Telephone Directory:  Diane received the homeowner spreadsheet from Terry this morning.  Diane will review it and send it along with the front matter page updates to the publisher.  Denny suggested we have another volunteer receive the dues coupons, record info on the spreadsheet, and give the checks to Terry for deposit.  Denny will speak to one of his neighbors. 


Christmas Decorations:  Bob M. hung the wreaths at both entrances, which looked very good this year.  Marsha McLean and Dave Wood installed the gift package decorations.  Denny and Bob M. repaired and set up the 3 deer and net lights.  Bob M. removed the wreaths yesterday. 


Budget Committee:  Terry, Bob M., Walt Gerstner and Marsha will meet.  Terry will make a draft beforehand.  We discussed various budget items.


Annual Meeting:  We discussed possible April dates.  Diane will call the Library to make a reservation.


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, March 14th, 7 p.m. at Diane’s house.



Minutes Prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

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