2017-8 Aug 10th

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

August 10, 2017



Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Terry Millis, Walt Gerstner, Bob Ellis, and Diane Tsaprazis (6).


Minutes:  The minutes of June 15, 2017 were reviewed and approved with no changes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Terry distributed an Excel spreadsheet showing our check register for the year. 

-        Since our last meeting, we paid $8,384.25 to Saxton’s Landscaping for the complete refurbishment of the 8 Mile sign areas.  We also paid $107 to Rainy Dave’s for repairs to 2 backflow preventers.

-        A couple bills are due:  1) $20 for our annual corporate filing fee.  Denny will mail the original and Terry will have a copy.  2)  $195 due Gensen’s Plumbing for the backflow certification of the 2 backflow preventers they were not able to complete when the others were done because they needed repair. 

Terry also distributed a current income statement showing our 2017 budget, actuals, and variances.

-        148 homes have paid dues.  We have received $435 in donations.

-        The City of Livonia gave us $500 in grant money.  Our City Council authorized $10,000 to provide twenty $500 beautification grants.  Denny and Marsha applied for the grant.  Afterward, Denny submitted a letter, a copy of the Saxton’s paid receipt and photos.  Thank you to Denny and Marsha!

-        We expect to run about $100 over budget on Irrigation repairs due to the 2 backflow preventers that needed repair.

-        Our report shows that we are $2,384.25 over budget on the 8 Mile Entrance project because we spent $8,384.25 while our budget was $6,000.  As discussed at our 6-16-17 Board Meeting, we decided to use $2,000 originally budgeted for Gill Entrance landscaping and about $1,000 of the $2,000 budgeted for 8 Mile Contingencies to fix the damage done by contractors during the 8 Mile repaving project.  Denny and electrician John Spry were able to make all the repairs for only $623.66.  Denny was not paid for his labor. 

-        Our checkbook balance is currently $11,304.16.  A bank statement was not shown today.  We approved the distributed reports. 


Lighting:  Denny will investigate new lighting at Gill Road later in September.  We have single lamp fixtures on each of the 8 Mile signs.  We think Saxton’s moved the fixture on the west side closer to the sign.  The current Gill Road signs consist of 2 lights per sign.  The signs at Gill are long, which may be difficult to light with LED fixtures. 


Landscaping:  Bob M. reported for Marsha McLean.  Saxton’s will clean up the weeds at 8 Mile. Some Black Eyed Susans died because of too much water.  Saxton’s hired an irrigation company to adjust and maybe add heads; we think this is at no additional cost.  We spent $8,384.25 whereas the quote we approved was $8,678.25 ($294 less).  Bob E. asked Walt about the weed treatment done by Metro Grounds because he has noticed a lot of weeds lately.  Walt said his island had Creeping Charlie weeds which Metro treated.


Homes with Poor Maintenance:  Bob E. reported that the home on Ellen has chopped down the weeds, and then Metro Grounds cleaned it out.  Bob has not seen the homeowner much.  The fence on Bretton has been repaired. 


Accountant:  Diane gave Terry the phone number of the accountant that will conduct a review.  Terry will call Cathy Lambert to arrange an appointment.


Dog Run:  The homeowner installed a no-dig dog run around most of their backyard.  The homeowner has been cooperative with the Board and it looks fine.  We expect they will remove the dog run when it is no longer needed. 


New Homeowners:  We discussed 2 recent sales, one on Bretton and the other on Wayne.


Dues Reminder:  Terry will call Tenley Jackson to coordinate sending the letters.  Terry and Tenley will discuss who will maintain our spreadsheet of homeowners, addresses, phone number, and dues received.  Terry already sent a letter to the homeowner that gave us a check from a nonexistent account; she will follow up.  


Website:  Diane reported that our webmaster, former resident Laura Thompson, offered to make our site more relevant.  Diane will contact Laura to find out what she would need from us and how much she would charge.  We also discussed changing our domain name because it is cumbersome and hard to remember (www.deercreek-subdivision.org).  We are unsure how long we are paid through on the domain. 


Bicentennial Park Entrance:  Bob M. will trim the burning bushes, perhaps with the help of other Board members and an adjacent homeowner.  We discussed that we may want to replace these bushes in the next year or two. 


Next Meeting:  Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 28th.  We want to choose a date that fits with Tenley’s work schedule. 



Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis