2017-4 April 5

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

April 5, 2017

                                                            Approved 6-5-2017


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Walt Gerstner, Tenley Jackson, Marsha McLean, Terry Millis and Diane Tsaprazis (7)


Minutes:  We approved the minutes of February 22, 2017 with a few changes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Terry distributed a one page report showing 2016 Budget, Actual, and Variance columns, as well as the 2017 proposed Budget, and Forecasts for 2018 and 2019.  Comments were as follows: 

-        The 2017 Budget shows 2 new line items:  We will combine interior and entrance landscaping on one line totaling $7,500 and we will create a $825 line for irrigation (repairs, backflow testing, winterization).  Denny explained that for the backflow certification, we are required to use a pre-approved licensed contractor who performs the work, fills out a form, and returns it to the government entity. 

-        We did not have Metro Grounds do 8 Mile entrance cleanup in 2016 due to our re-landscaping of the 8 Mile island and the 8 Mile paving.  We may need cleanup in 2018 &/or 2019. 

-        We did not budget for electrical repairs under the Operating expense section because we are upgrading our lights in the Project section. 

-        In 2016, we only used $727.65 of the $2100 budgeted for upgraded lighting because we didn’t have enough funds for the recommended 4 lights at Gill Road.  In 2017, we are budgeting $2,000 to complete the LED lighting upgrades. 

-        At the Annual Meeting, Denny will explain the $2,000 contingency to fix the electrical and irrigation systems damaged by the 8 Mile paving project.

-        The Forecast columns for 2018 and 2019 are not voted upon, rather they are intended to show our long-range thinking. 

Terry also distributed a copy of the first page of our 3-31-17 bank statement from Citizens Bank.

-        We have received and deposited dues from 119 homes so far.  Terry gave the dues coupons to Tenley because Tenley is now going to maintain the homeowner Excel spreadsheet. 

-        There are 11 more dues payments received but not yet deposited. 

-        Terry explained that a dues check from a homeowner was returned because our bank could not find the account.  We were charged a $20 fee.  Terry will call the homeowner.

-        The 3-31-17 bank balance was $18,552.34.  After a $2,300 deposit on April 4th, our balance is now $20,852.34.   


Annual Meeting Agenda:  We reviewed the draft and made changes.  Diane will make revisions and send out another draft prior to the meeting.  We reviewed the meeting details regarding times, room layout, and items to bring. 


Problems at 8 Mile:  Denny said our Wayne County Commissioner, Terry Marecki, really wants to resolve our problem, but so far, DPW has not indicated they will fix it.  The electric and irrigation systems must be fixed before we can install any new landscaping.  Prior to the upcoming planned work around the 8 Mile signs, Saxton’s Landscaping will call Miss Dig who may be able to identify the location of the electrical break.  Denny said Miss Dig put out flags recently near 8 Mile for upcoming tree planting by the City.  Marsha pointed out that Miss Dig should have a record of who requested the flags and when the markings were made before the paving was done last summer.  Denny will try to get an update prior to the Annual Meeting. 


Next Door Network:  Denny said homeowners received a postcard from this business that wants to connect neighbors, recommend contractors, post about free stuff, etc.    Denny did not reply; we had hoped our website would provide this sort of information. 


Bicentennial Park Entrance:  Bob said some of the fence posts need replacing.  They are in our easement.  An adjacent homeowner may be willing to help.  We will discuss this item in May. 


Neighbor Complaints:

-        Several homeowners have complained to us about a home on Pembrook where there are too many cars, commercial vehicles, and driving on the grass.  It appears a business is being run out of the home.  Two Board members will visit them to explain the violations. 

-        Regarding dog waste, if anyone sees it happen, they should notify the Board. 

-        On Wayne Road, there is a home with poor maintenance; we may send a letter.

-        On Ellen Road, there is also a home with poor maintenance; we will try to find out why. 


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, May 17th, 7 p.m., location to be determined. 



Minutes taken by Diane Tsaprazis