2017-2 Feb 22

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

February 22, 2017

                                                            Approved 4-5-2017


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Tenley Jackson, Walt Gerstner, Marsha McLean, and Terry Millis, and Diane Tsaprazis (7).


Minutes:  The minutes of 1-25-17 were approved with one change.


Treasurer’s Report:   Terry distributed:

2016 year-end budget and actual report:  We had revenue from dues and donations of $16,725 which compares favorably with the $16,500 budgeted.  Our operating expenses totaled $11,869.76 where we budgeted to spend $13, 515.  Our water bills can be difficult to forecast, yet we came in at $1,835.37 when $1,900 was budgeted.  We saved some money because we did not have the spring and fall clean up done because of our refurbishing of the center island and the repaving along 8 Mile, respectively.  Our ending balance was $9,188.91 although we budgeted to have only $1,961.82 remaining.  The reasons for the high variance are primarily in the Projects category.  We only spent $4,015.50 on the 8 Mile Entrance project because we did not do the sign areas due to the 8 Mile repaving.  Also, we only spent $727.65 of the $2,100 budgeted on the electrical upgrades because we were not able to select a design we liked for the Gill Road entrance within our budget.  Our ending actual ending balance of $9,188.91 does correspond with the bank statement after $43.77 of the DTE bill is moved to 2017 as we discussed at our last meeting.


2017 Budget and 2018/19 Directional Plan:  The plans were created by our Budget Committee on 1-31-17.  We forecast that 165 of our 209 homes will pay dues each year.  We are unsure of the savings we may attain with the new LED entrance lights, so we predicted $730 for 2017.  We increased our water estimate by $100 each year.  We previously decided to present the entrance and interior island maintenance on the same line because both areas are covered on most maintenance bills, making it arbitrary to separate the costs.  The new entrance and interior island maintenance line budgeted at $7,500 for 2017 includes weed control, fertilizer, mulch, mowing, clean-up, flowers, trees, pines, and $500 for miscellaneous costs.  Per Walt, Metro Grounds has agreed to keep their mowing charges the same.  The separate line of $825 for irrigation and irrigation repairs includes winterization, backflow testing, and $80 for miscellaneous repairs.  We have been doing tree spraying for the last 3 or 4 years; we forecast to do it every other year by skipping 2017 and budgeting $1,000 for 2018.  Total operating expenses are expected to be $12,255 for 2017.  In the Project area, we are budgeting $6,000 for the 8 Mile Entrance in 2017, primarily around the sign areas.  We are budgeting $2,000 for the Gill Road Entrance in 2017, with both entrance expenses tapering off to $1,000 each in the later years.  For researching and implementing electrical upgrades at the entrances, we budget $2,000 for Gill Road in 2017 and $500 for potential repairs in the later years.  In 2017, we are also setting aside $2,000 in contingency funds in the event that we have to repair the electrical and irrigation problems caused by the 8 Mile paving project.  Thus, our budgeted ending balance for 2017 is $1,434.  We also discussed that in future years, we may need to replace the Austrian Pines at 8 Mile and repaint the signs.  The Gill Road signs we created in 2005 and the 8 Mile ones in 2006.  We discussed repainting them sooner if funds permit.  Denny said that the sign company that made our signs is still in business. 


Annual Mailing:  Tenley printed everything, stuffed all the envelopes, and mailed it all to the homeowners.  Thank you to Tenley!


Problems at 8 Mile:  Denny sent an email today to Grace, Assistant to our Wayne County Commissioner, Terry Marecki.  We have no new news at this time.  If outside sources do not remedy the problems, we may discover the location of the electrical break when Saxton Landscaping calls Miss Dig.  Marsha said one of her neighbors knows a good electrician if needed. 



-        Marsha will meet with Saxton Landscaping in early March to discuss relandscaping the sign areas at 8 Mile and Gill Road.

-        Per Walt, our quote from Metro Grounds does not include spring clean-up for the 8 Mile areas.  The quote does include Fall pickup of leaves on all 9 islands for $300.  Marsha asked if they will cut down the ornamental grasses on her island; Walt said he will ask them to do it.


Telephone Directory:  We will prepare the directory earlier next year, but still mail them in January with the annual dues letter.


Auditor:  Diane recommended a different auditor who may be able to review our books after tax season.


Annual Meeting:  The meeting will be held on Thursday, April 20th at 7:30 p.m. in meeting rooms A and B of the Civic Center Library.  For the reminder postcards, Tenley already has postcards.  Diane will prepare a draft of the language on the postcard and will prepare a draft of the agenda.


Dog Waste:  A Board member noted that a couple dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs.


Next Meeting:  April 5th, 7 p.m. at Diane’s house.



Minutes taken by Diane Tsaprazis