2017-11 Nov 7

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

November 7, 2017

                                                                                          Approved January 16, 2018

Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Terry Millis, Walt Gerstner, Marsha McLean, and Diane Tsaprazis (6).

Minutes:  The minutes of Oct. 4, 2017 were approved with a few changes.

Treasurer’s Report:  Terry distributed a current income statement and checkbook register.  Since our last meeting 3 more homes have paid dues, bringing our total to 152 paid homes this year; the deposit has not yet been made and it’s not included on the income statement yet.  Two checks cleared since our last meeting:  $20 to the State of Michigan for our corporate filing and $320 to Metro Grounds for landscape maintenance.  Our current checkbook balance will be $9,595.13 after the deposit is posted. 

-        Reminder dues letters were mailed last week to 57 homes.  Terry already had envelopes and stamps.

-        Denny pointed out that our DTE lighting expense may be lower than budgeted because our 8 Mile entrance did not have power until May or June, and Gill Road’s lights were out for a while too.  To date, we have used $473.56 of the $730 allocated for DTE lighting.


Welcome Committee:  Walt spoke with Ginny, who called Tenley Jackson.  Tenley said she will put the bags together and then Ginny will coordinate passing them out to our new neighbors.  We will need to find a new committee chair.


Treasurer’s Review:  We agreed we will have the accountant take a look at our books after the first of the year, when all of 2016 is posted.


8 Mile Damage:  Denny will follow up with Deborah Brown of the Wayne County Dept. of Management and Budget regarding our claim for $599.21 we paid to the electrician to repair damage to our system during the paving project last year.


Gill Road Lights:  Denny reported that the wattage was not as desired on the new fixture he planned to obtain, so he reordered a different light.  Our electrician is on stand-by to help us.  Regarding the recent outage, our meter was dark although smart meters should light up.  A utility box located near the rear of the north side homeowner’s lot contains our meter.  Terry provided our account number to Denny.  They are treated like commercial lights.  DTE took care of the problem, saying it was an equipment problem.   



-        Fall Cleanup at 8 Mile:  Marsha obtained a quote from Saxton’s for $500.  Walt asked Metro Grounds not to do it.  As mentioned previously, Saxton’s would like to maintain what they planted.  We agreed.

-        2018 Cleanup at 8 Mile:  Marsha obtained a quote from Saxton’s for $1,336 (attached to minutes) which includes spring and fall cleanup, 2 applications of Preen, and 3 to 5 yards of hardwood mulch.  They can also plant annuals at an additional cost, such as the lantana and wave petunias planted in 2017.  We will not have our 2018 budget approved until our April 2018 annual meeting.  Walt pointed out that this contract takes work away from Metro Grounds.  We authorized Marsha to sign for the Saxton’s quote. 

-        Walt reminded us that Metro Grounds cleans up the leaves on the interior islands for $300 annually.  Marsha said her island grasses were cut in the spring by Metro and never looked better. 

-        Walt reported that Metro Grounds trimmed the Bicentennial Park Entrance for $175.  We agreed that we should improve this area in 2018.


Fall Decorations:  Marsha and Diane planted 5 flats, each containing 6 six-inch plants at the north end and 2 similar flats at the south end, at $2.25 each for a total cost of $100.17.  Bob Moore set up the scarecrows, corn stalks, and wreaths.  


Sprinklers:  Rainy Dave’s blew out our sprinklers last week, which Bob Ellis arranged after the City took the meters out.  Marsha asked if Bob can ask the City to remove our meters later in the year so that we can water our fall mums at the 8 Mile entrance. 


Website:  Diane will contact our webmaster about improving the site next year.


Telephone Directory:  Cathedral Directories asked for a picture that could be used on our front cover.  Marsha will look for one and send it to Diane.  Terry will send to Diane any homeowner services and commercial business referrals that were submitted on the 2017 dues coupons.  We are aiming to submit our information by December 15th.  Marsha offered to proof-read. 


Christmas Decorations: Denny will work on the deer lights.  Our wreaths are lit at 8 Mile.  We could hang bulbs from trees on 8 Mile island again.  Perhaps we could hang more ornaments at 8 Mile and at Gill.  Denny reminded us that we have netting lights that we could use somewhere.  Marsha has 3 lit gift boxes that we could use.  Terry suggested deer on the rear side of our signs at Gill Road.  We will all look for decorations and text each other.  Marsha will ask Saxton’s if they do holiday decorations.


Dog Problem:  There is a dog on Morlock that recently bit another dog.  This same animal has bit several other dogs and people in the past.  People with dogs and children are afraid to walk by this house.  Animal Control has been called. 


Christmas Party:  We will gather with our significant others on a Sunday in early December at one of our homes.  We will each bring a dish to pass and beverages.  


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 7 pm at Diane’s house.


Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

Attachments:  Quote for 2018 landscape work from Saxton’s