2017-10 October 4th

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

October 4, 2017

                                                            Approved Nov. 7, 2017


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Walt Gerstner, Marsha McLean, Bob Moore and Diane Tsaprazis (5).


Minutes:  The minutes of 8-10-17 were approved with no changes.


Welcome Committee:  Tenley Jackson asked to be relieved of her Welcome Chair and other responsibilities because she is now taking care of her Dad.  We believe there are 4 new families that need to be welcomed.  Denny asked Walt to ask his wife Ginny to call Tenley to coordinate visits and to verify the contents of the welcome bag we deliver.  We thank Tenley for her help and we will all miss her!


Treasurer’s Report:  In Terry Millis’s absence, Denny printed Terry’s checkbook spreadsheet and income statement. 

-        Regarding revenue, to date 149 homes have paid dues whereas 165 were budgeted.  After donations of $435 (homes paying more than the $100 dues requested) and a $500 grant from the City of Livonia for our beautification at our 8 Mile entrance, we are $665 below our income projection.  Terry printed our reminder dues letters and addressed the envelopes to those homes that have not paid for 2017.  The homeowner that gave us a check from a nonexistent account has not yet paid dues or the fine we incurred.

-        For Operating expenses, we are within budget except for unplanned repairs of two backflow preventers putting us $99.44 overbudget for the irrigation category.  We have $5,874.13 remaining in our operating expense budget with most of it consisting of upcoming island maintenance and our annual water bill. 

-        For Project expenses, we have $2,992.09 remaining of our $12,000 budget.  As discussed at our 6-16-17 Board meeting, we spent $8,384.25 re-landscaping the 8 Mile sign areas and making some improvements to the center island, utilizing some of the other project line allocations to do a complete job.    

-        Our checkbook balance on the Income statement is $9,635.13. 

-        Diane will call the person who can review our records to get a list of items needed. 


8 Mile Damage:  Denny reported that Deborah Brown of the Wayne County Dept. of Management and Budget received our claim for $599.21 on 8-30-17.  Our claim is still under investigation according to an email from Ms. Brown received today.  This is the exact amount we paid electrician John Spry to find and repair the damage caused last summer when 8 Mile was repaved and the handicap compliant sidewalk ramps were installed.  The amount does not include Denny’s significant labor.  Marsha reported that 8 Mile is crumbling more.


Lighting for Gill Road Entrance:  Denny found a fixture for $75, instead of the $375 we were quoted previously, that he wants to buy and try out.  It provides 50 LED watts, which is the same as at 8 Mile.  Because the Gill signs are longer, they will probably need two lights each.  Denny has a call in to the electrician who did our 8 Mile work.  Also, the lights at Gill have been out recently.  There is a meter near the northern homeowner.  Denny will check it out.  We approved the purchase of the new fixture.


Landscaping:  Marsha reported that Saxton’s has been monitoring our new plantings closely.  She requested that we ask Saxton’s for a quote to do the spring and fall cleanup as they would like to do the maintenance for the areas they landscaped.  Presently, we have a contract for the cleanup with Metro Grounds.  Denny asked Marsha to clarify what is included in our current Saxton’s contract. Marsha asked Walt to contact Metro Grounds to hold off on doing the fall clean up until we get a quote from Scott at Saxton’s. 


Bicentennial Park Entrance:  Bob M. and Walt recommended that we ask Steve Griffith at Metro Grounds to trim the bushes and clean up the area this season.  We approved this request.  Denny recommends that we re-landscape this area next year.    


Homes with Poor Maintenance:  We discussed a few issues, including the home on Ellen that has become overgrown again.


Website:  Denny remembered that we are set up on Google and that Harry Rodgers, a former Board member, bought and paid for our web address.  Diane reported that Laura Thompson, our webmaster, has suggested that we improve our site.  Denny asked Diane contact Laura to find out what she recommends and the cost.  We discussed various ideas and how to manage the content.  We may need a budget line for this project next year.


Fall Decorations:  We have 2 scarecrows remaining and two unlit wreaths used at Gill Road.  Bob M. bought cornstalks last year.  Marsha will shop for more scarecrows.  At 8 Mile, the wave petunias still look pretty good and the lantana will last until winter.  Marsha and Diane will purchase and plant mums. 


Christmas Decorations:  We have power at 8 Mile, so we should be able to do more with decorations this year.  We will make plans at our next meeting.


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 15th at 7 p.m. at Diane’s house.



Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

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