2017-1 Jan 25

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

January 25, 2017


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Terry Millis, Walt Gerstner, Bob Ellis, Marsha McLean, Tenley Jackson, and Diane Tsaprazis (8).


Minutes:  The minutes of 11-22-16 were approved with Denny’s changes.


Treasurer’s Report: 

-        2016 Year-End Reports:  Terry distributed the Citizens Bank 12-31-16 statement showing an ending balance of $11,188.39.  After subtracting 4 outstanding checks, our year end balance is $9,145.14.  Terry also distributed a 2016 year-end financial statement showing Budgeted and Actual figures.  Our projected year- end balance was expected to be $1,961.82, although our actual ending balance was $8,881.14.  The primary cause of the variance is that we spent only $4,015.50 on the 8 Mile Entrance project because we did not refurbish the sign areas due to the 8 Mile repaving.  We also had unspent funds in the lighting upgrade category because we were not able to select a design we liked for the Gill Road entrance within the approved budget.  Our actual revenue was $325 more than projected; next year, we will break out donations on a separate line although we never budget for them.  Our electric bills of $667.12 were $42 higher than expected.  We noted in May we had new, lower operating cost LED fixtures installed at 8 Mile, and in September, we lost power at 8 Mile except for one light.  Our actual water bills of $1,835.37 were $65 underbudget.  We were also underbudget in the island maintenance categories, primarily because we did not have the spring cleanup done because of our refurbishment of the center island and we did not have the fall cleanup done because of the repaving that extended into the fall.  We reviewed Terry’s expense spreadsheet to verify that items were categorized correctly.  We agreed to move half of the 1-4-17 $87.54 DTE bill to January 2017. 

-        Procedure Changes:  1) We agreed with Diane’s recommendation that Terry should distribute copies of the Budget/Actual spreadsheet to everyone at the meetings, but only Diane will get a copy of the bank statement.  2) Later in the meeting, Tenley offered to maintain the homeowner spreadsheet we use for mailings.  Terry agreed to give Tenley the dues coupons after she makes deposits. 


Budget Meeting:  A subset of Board members will meet January 31st at Bob Ellis’s house to prepare a preliminary 2017 budget and 2018 and 2019 recommendations.

Denny noted that the last recommendation we had from our lighting contact regarding the Gill Road signs was $700 more than the $1,000 we had remaining in the 2016 budget.


8 Mile Problems:  With Terry Millis’s help, Denny contacted Terry Marecki’s assistant, Grace, to see if our Wayne County Commissioner can help with our electrical and plumbing problems.  Denny explained that the MDOT provided the funds and dictated the contract for the 7 & 8 Mile projects, not Wayne County.  Terry Marecki has spoken at televised meetings about the poor-quality work. Marsha said that Saxton will be calling Miss Dig prior to their work near our signs, which may indicate where the break exists.  Denny said he wants to be present when Miss Dig works on our site.  Terry Millis asked if we need to budget a contingency fund in case we have to pay to fix the problems.  Denny suggested $2,000 in total and also offered to help.  We also need contingency money for Rainy Daves to repair our sprinkler system next to the sidewalk refurbishments.


Neighborhood Paving:  Denny spoke with City Engineer Todd Zilinski last Monday.  We will not get any concrete repairs in 2017, and he can’t promise any in 2018.  Denny recommended hot patch for areas near Gill and 8 Mile, and Todd took notes.  On Farmington Road between 7 and 8 Mile, Wayne County should do repairs.


Satellite Dish:  The homeowner requesting info did not return Bob Ellis’s calls and was not home when Bob tried to see him.


Landscaping 8 Mile Sign Areas:  Marsha will meet with Saxton’s Landscaping soon to discuss new designs.


Telephone Directory:  The publisher is behind schedule, but we expect to receive the printed directories by the end of the month.  Diane recommended that we submit our information in October, using a dues cut-off date of Sept. 30th, yet still mail the directories with our dues letter in January.  We agreed to send a dues reminder letter in June.  Our most recent new family will be included in the 2018 book.


Auditor:  Bob M. said his contact is busy doing Seniors’ income taxes at Livonia’s Rotary Club where he is the Treasurer.


Website:  Terry Millis sent our webmaster a copy of our 2015 annual report approved at the 4-5-16 annual meeting.


2017 Annual Meeting:  We discussed various dates and agreed on Wed. April 19th as our first choice and Thursday April 20th as our second choice.


Annual Dues Letter:  We reviewed the proposed letter and made a couple changes. We discussed commercial trucks in the neighborhood.   Marsha recommends we state how we will use emails for quick communication.  Tenley prepared all the labels and dues coupons, will print the letters and obtain envelopes and postage.  Several Board members offered to help stuff envelopes.  Thank you, Tenley!


Reminder Postcard:  Tenley spoke with Dave Wood about our past procedures.  Tenley already bought plain 4 x 6” cards.  Per our Bylaws, we must give notice 10 days prior to the meeting. 


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, February 22nd at 7 P.m. at Diane’s house.