2016-8 Aug 17

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

August 17, 2016

                                                                        Approved 9-15-16


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Walt Gerstner, Marsha McLean, Terry Millis, Bob Ellis, Tenley Jackson, and Diane Tsaprazis (8).


Minutes:  The minutes of 6-28-16 were approved with no changes and the minutes of 7-20-16 were approved with one change.


Treasurer’s Report:  Terry distributed a report showing 2016 Budget and Actual columns. 

-       To date we have received $15,900 in revenue from 157 households as compared to $16,500 budgeted from 165 homes.  The report does not separate out donations; some people paid more than $100 and some paid less. 

-       Our recent reminder letter generated 6 payments so far, and are included in the 157 above.  Thank you to Tenley for drafting and printing the letter along with stuffing all the envelopes and taking them to the Post Office.  Thank you to Terry for printing the labels. 

-       The 8 Mile Island refurbishment project cost $4,016. 

-       The 8 Mile Lighting project cost $1,092 earlier this year; nothing has been done at Gill Road yet. 

-       We spent $601 on plumbing expenses:  $520 to Jensen for backflow testing on 9 devices, parts for Walt’s island and parts from Rainy Dave’s.   Bob E. coordinated the backflow testing.  Denny said the City treats us as a commercial account, so we get testing forms annually.  We are not sure where the backflow testing was placed in our 2016 budget.  We proposed that we create a “Water & Irrigation System” line item to include the water bills, repairs and the backflow testing. 

-       The City recently painted our fire hydrants.

-       Bob E. will ask the City to keep our water on longer into the fall season to help our 8 Mile landscaping projects.  The City likes to finish the removal of the meters before they have to pick up leaves.

-       Our current checkbook balance is $13,335.52 including all checks written. 

-       The report was approved.


8 Mile Entrance:  Marsha will meet with Sarah of Saxton’s Landscaping on September 14th (Wed) at 10 a.m. to talk about refurbishing the sign areas.  Marsha will also ask her for ideas on the Gill Road entrance which we may refresh next year. 


Corporate Filing Status:  Denny verified that what the State has online is accurate.  Diane will retain a copy in the minutes.  We paid our $20 fee for 2016.  Terry has our Tax Identification Number.


Park Entrance:  Marsha, Bob & Betty Moore, and homeowner Paul (west side) trimmed, weeded and cleaned up the area.  The homeowner to the east provided power for our tools.  There is 1 tree per side surrounded by burning bushes.  We discussed whether we need new plantings.  We decided that it looks okay now that it is trimmed, and we do not need to replace plantings yet.


8 Mile Easement Areas:  Walt reported a dead tree on the west side was cut down and both sides were cleaned up, including spraying for weeds, by Metro Grounds for $240.  Terry will include this cost in Entrance Island Maintenance.   


Lights:  Denny said that the salesperson, Jerry, who helped us last winter is no longer at Allen Electric, and the business is questionable.  The installer we used last time at 8 Mile, Terry O’Callahan, can find us a new source.  The Gill Road signs are longer, but have less space in front than the ones at 8 Mile.  The original lights were fluorescents, followed by high pressure sodium, and now we want LEDs.  Denny will tell the installer what we ordered before and see what else could be used.  The lights on the 8 Mile island trees are all working fine because Saxton was careful.


Paving:  We discussed the new paving progress on westbound 8 Mile and Gill Road north of us.  On 8 Mile eastbound and along 7 Mile, only sections will be repaved. 


Printing:  Tenley was given a printer by Dave Wood.  She can dedicate it to Deer Creek business.  Tenley gave a few receipts to Terry for reimbursement for paper, stamps and envelopes related to dues reminder letter.  Bob E. recommended the paper at Costco. 


Welcome Committee:  New member, Donata Redge, will visit a new homeowner.  We discussed other homes for sale and recent prices. 


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 14th, 7 p.m. at Diane’s house.



Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

Attachment:  Corporate Filing Form