2016-7 July 20

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

July 20, 2016

                                                                        Approved 8-17-16


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Walt Gerstner, Tenley Jackson, Bob Ellis, Marsha McLean, Terry Millis, and Diane Tsaprazis (8).


Minutes:  The minutes of 6-1-16 were approved with no changes.  Diane will add notes from our 6-28-16 landscaping meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:  Terry distributed the 6-30-16 Citizens Bank statement showing a checkbook balance of $19,247.45.  There are 4 checks outstanding totaling $1,835.93, so that makes our current balance $17,411.52.  One of the outstanding checks is $150 to Mountain Top for the 3rd and final spraying of our trees ($990 total).  No trimming is budgeted for this year.  In 2015, we paid for 1 additional mowing and $157 for fall mums was entered in the tree spraying line item.  We have not paid for the new landscaping – they will send a bill to Marsha.  We have 146 paid homes as compared to 156 as of 6-17-2015.  We will send a reminder letter; last year we did it on 9-29-15.  Terry said it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between interior and entrance island budget items.  Tenley has some receipts for Welcome bags.  Terry will bring a Budget vs Actual report to our next meeting. 


Sprinklers:  Walt reported that water is running on all islands.  Sarah from Saxton Landscaping recommended 10 minutes per zone, up from 8 minutes.  Sprinkler adjustments were done by Ken, the sprinkler person used by Saxton, who is familiar with our system from some years ago when he did work for us.  On the 8 Mile Island, everything is getting 11 minutes each 2 times per day.  We do have a guarantee on the plants.  Denny and Walt expect a high water bill this year:  last year we didn’t start watering until August 1st, but this year we began in early June.  Walt has a $58 invoice from Rainy Dave’s to replace a head on his island.  They installed a breakaway fitting so if it is hit by a lawn mower, it will swivel back. 


Fertilizer: Walt said Metro Grounds does apply a dandelion preventative.  They use a granular form which doesn’t stick unless it is wet.  Other weeds are treated too. 


Clean Up:  Walt will ask Metro Grounds for an estimate to clean up around the 8 Mile sign areas.  We agreed to spend around $200.


8 Mile Island:  The work by Saxton Landscaping was completed last week. Some daylilies will be transplanted by Saxton in the fall.  Diane commented that perhaps a different type of lily that blooms later in the season could extend the color.  Sarah will have plans for the sign areas in the fall.  The Bobo hydrangeas should be in bloom now, but we planted them about 2 months late to expect the full effect.  A rock from the south end of the island was moved by forklift to the front.  Marsha is due a reimbursement for fertilizer for the new plantings; she will apply it again also.  We all thanked Marsha for leading the landscaping project. 


Vandalism:  Tenley reported that a van was broken into; it may have been unlocked. 


Corporate Status:  a $20 filing fee is due.  Denny has the form. 


New:  We discussed a new neighbor and a new dog.


Park Entrance:  Marsha reported that it needs trimming.  Bob Moore has a hedge trimmer if he has access to power.  Dave Wood helped in years past.  Perhaps it can be done tomorrow morning about 9 a.m.  A neighbor there has been helpful in the past, even plowing snow.  Another neighbor needs to put their fall leaves deeper into the trees.  There are burning bushes there and a bushy tree about 11’ tall in the middle. Bob Moore recommended that perhaps Metro Grounds should trim this area in the future; we could include it in the budget for next year. 


Water Pressure:  In response to Marsha’s question, Denny said the Fire Dept. has said they can pump enough water to fight a fire, even during times of low pressure. The City is talking to Golf Ridge again to accept money in exchange for a 120-140’ easement to finish the last link in their project. The City initially offered $1,200, but although their Association President may have accepted, one person on their Board objected so they said no without negotiating.  Only 1 hole is needed to complete the boring.  Currently, they would pull our water if they had a fire. 


Area West of 8 Mile Entrance:  Walt asked if we should ask Metro Grounds to remove a dead tree.  This is the second time we have planted there.  The City Forestry Dept. said it is a bad area to try to plant.  This first time we planted, the cost was split 50/50 with the homeowner, and some plants died.  The current owner paid a smaller percentage.  We agreed to have the tree cut down and not replaced.  Per Denny, everything under the power lines is an easement. 


Dues Reminder Letter:  We decided it should be done now, since the 8 Mile Island looks so nice.  We can report that Phase II, consisting of the sign areas, will be done with dues.  This work may have to wait until next year because the City takes out the water meters rather early in the fall, before they have to begin leaf pickup.  Tenley offered to draft a letter. Terry will pull a list of those that haven’t paid and prepare labels.


8 Mile Sign Areas:  Marsha will check with Sarah at Saxton about the possibility of landscape refurbishing this year.


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, August 17th at Diane’s house. 



Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

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