2016-6 June 28

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Tenley Jackson’s house

Special Meeting to discuss 8 Mile Landscaping Project

June 28, 2016


                                                                        Approved 8-17-16


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Marsha McLean, Tenley Jackson, Walt Gerstner, Terry Millis, and Diane Tsaprazis (7).


Marsha explained that Saxton Landscaping has been in business since the mid 1950’s.  Marsha and other Board members have met with them to discuss our project.  Sara is the Designer and her brother Scott is the Owner.  Bob Moore spoke to the professionalism of the business. 


Center Island Proposal:  Marsha explained the plan.  Refer to the diagram and quote attached to these minutes. 

-       3 plantings of annuals at the north end:  spring pansies, summer annuals and fall mums.  We would plant these items as we have done in the past.

-       Lantana:  these annuals in a bush form bloom from June to late Fall, come in a variety of colors which we could change each year if we like.  We are planting them a bit late to get the full impact of their color this year.

-       Birds Nest Spruce:  a low growing plant, placed in a semi-circle.

-       BoBo dwarf hydrangeas placed down the middle of the island.  In the Fall, the flowers would be cut off.

-       At the South end of the island, more Birds Nest Spruce around the tree and Lantana or something like what is in front. 

-       Recommended that we remove the center tree which is impacting the front tree.  They recommend putting in a Royal Raindrop crabapple which has burgundy leaves and is often put on boulevards because it doesn’t get that big and does not drop seeds.  The existing tree is off-center.  Denny expressed concern about 12 volt lines and irrigation.  They may have to hand-dig.

-       Sara said if we don’t like something, they will change it out.

-       Marsha reserved 13 lantanas at 40% off in yellow and orangey color; we may need 15.  Marsha also reserved 3 flats of purple wave petunias for the north end.

-       They recommend 6” ostrich egg rock around the perimeter.  They will remove the existing smaller rock. 

-       Big rock at south end to be moved to the north end. 



-       Denny questioned the use of metal edging because it could look bad after a short time.  Marsha said edging may be between mulch and rock.  Walt and Denny said maybe we don’t need it. 

-       Walt and Denny questioned what they will find when they remove the tree.  We will have to find out how they will deal with the roots and stump.

-       Denny said rabbits have eaten his wave petunias in the past.

-       Denny summarized that 4 out of 7 us agree with the plan as prepared by Saxton.  Three people have reservations about the metal edging and tree removal; we agreed that removal and plantings will need to be done carefully, not using large machinery.  Walt questioned the height and width of the birds nest spruce; Marsha replied that it is 2 – 4 feet high and grows slowly.



-       We agreed to go forward with the plan.  The detailed quote totaling $3,811 is attached.  We understand modifications on site may alter the final cost.

-       Marsha will clarify about the metal edging’s location and appearance. 

-       There may a need to adjust our sprinkler arrangement and tree lighting.

-       Marsha will let us know the installation timing.

-       We will set up our signs to let neighbors know this work is being done by their homeowner association.  Saxton may also put up some of their own signs.

-       We all thanked Marsha for her extensive work to make our entrance look beautiful. 





Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

Attachments:   Cost Estimate Quote

                        Diagram of proposed Center Island