2016-6 June 1st

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

June 1, 2016

                                                                                    Approved 7-20-16


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Ellis, Walt Gerstner, Marsha McLean and Diane Tsaprazis (5).


Water Backflow Certification:  Bob E. has the forms and will contact a couple companies for quotes, including the prior one we used and a new company.


Minutes:  The minutes of 5-4-16 were approved with a few changes.


Treasurer’s Report:  In Terry Millis’s absence, she sent a 5-31-16 Citizen’s Bank statement showing a checkbook balance of $20,077.04.  The statement shows $1,250 in deposits along with 4 checks clearing during May, but we do not know what checks are outstanding.  Walt will find out from Terry about the 12-31-15 year-end financial statement regarding why we went over budget on Entrance Island Maintenance (we spent $2,580 as compared to the $2,350 budgeted).  Also in 2015, the Tree Trimming budget was $990 yet we spent $1,147.94. 


Water:  For the 8 Mile Island, Dave Wood has the timers.  Bob E. offered to help install the timers.  Per Denny, the water pressure has declined from 90 psi to about 40 psi because it’s been dry for about 8 days. 


Metro Grounds:

-       Walt will ask them what is included in their fertilizer mix to determine if they treat dandelions.  Denny explained the usual 4 step fertilization process. 

-       Walt reported 5 dead shrubs on his island.  He will ask Metro Grounds if they can identify why they died.  A few Board members offered to help.  Walt thinks the island is a bit overgrown and may look better without the shrubs.


8 Mile Landscape Project:  Marsha reported that Sarah of Saxton Landscaping has been very helpful.  She has a MSU degree on the subject. 

-       For the center island, we discussed several ideas including keeping the existing daylilies, using Bobo hydrangeas through the center, Russian sage upfront and knock-out roses.  We like the noticeable color scheme of white and yellow.  Everlow yews near the front and sedum perennials in front of the stone were also mentioned.  We could choose to have no annuals at all, or we could select Lantana annuals (perhaps 10 to 12 in one gallon containers) that we would remove in the fall.  Marsha said the cost would be about $3,000 plus annuals for the center island.  We want color and a range of heights with not much required trimming.  Diane said knockout roses could need frequent pruning.  We will get more firm prices. 

-       Regarding the sides near the signs, we could put Everlow yews in front and flank the sides with Bobo hydrangeas, maybe cypress golds.  Metro Grounds had recommended spirea, but they can get stick-like over time. We could use some existing plants on the east side to hide the fence.  We could also put grasses on the west side.

-       On the island, the plan calls for removing the boxwoods and roses.  Saxton wants to start soon.  We discussed how far to do work on the sides. 

-       Bob E. went to the Grand River planting place we discussed at our last meeting, but they do not recommend contractors. 

-       Marsha will ask how long sedum blooms, which might be good behind the rock ledge. 

-       We questioned if we would have enough color without annuals in the front.  Currently, we plant annuals 3 times per year:  pansies, begonias, and mums.


Homes with Poor Maintenance:  We discussed a home on Wayne where the homeowner removed landscaping surrounding a pool, revealing an unattractive fence that may have been installed back in 1988 before our homeowner association was formed.  New bushes have been planted, but they are quite small.  Denny recommends they roll on black paint to camouflage the fence. 


Garage Sale:  Pauline Condon will chair the sale to be held June 9th  through the 11th . (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Marsha coordinated the distribution of the flyers.  Denny said that as of last week, about a dozen homes plan to participate, and more are expected to join.  Woodbrooke is running their sale at the same time.  Pauline asked for help posting notices on websites like Craigslist, which is popular right now.  Denny will ask a certain homeowner if her daughter can help. 


Next Meeting:  Marsha will call a special meeting for landscaping  when she has more specific information.  Our next regular Board meeting will be July 13th at 7 p.m. at Diane’s house.



Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

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