2016-5 May 4th

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

May 4, 2016

                                                                                                            Approved 6-1-16


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Bob Ellis, Walt Gerstner, Marsha McLean, and Diane Tsaprazis (6).


Treasurer’s Report: 

-       In Terry Millis’s absence, she emailed an update including the 4-30-16 Citizens Bank statement showing an ending balance of $22,097.26.  With 4 checks written in May totaling $2,850.22 (O’Callaghan Electric for 8 Mile lighting installation; DTE Energy $51.95; Sir Speedy for Annual Meeting postcards $163.62; and Metro Grounds $1,907) and May deposits of $1,250, our present checkbook balance is $20,497.04. 

-       Terry asked Metro Grounds and Mountain Top to send invoices directly to Walt for approval, and then he will send them to Terry.

-       Terry requested that someone else on the Board contact the City in the future regarding the water meter installation.  Bob E. offered to do it.  Walt said after the meters are installed, Dave Wood usually checks the timers and puts them out. Bob E. also said he could help Dave.  In the Fall, we do not have to call the City because they remove the meters at their convenience.   


Minutes:  The minutes of 3-16-16 were approved with no changes.  The minutes of our 4-5-2016 Annual Meeting were reviewed and a few changes were made, including those submitted by Tenley Jackson via email; these minutes cannot be approved until our 2017 Annual Meeting.  On the 2015 year-end financial report, we spent $2,580 on entrance island maintenance when only $2,350 was budgeted.  Walt said Terry said something else was included in this category; we should ask Terry for more specific information.


Existing Landscaping

-       Walt requested a quote from Metro Grounds to clean up the islands in mid-November, as requested by a homeowner at our Annual Meeting.  Walt said they fertilize the islands 4 times per year.  Bob E. said there are a lot of dandelions on his island.  Walt isn’t sure if they treat for dandelions.  Bob E. said the island grass is cut too short. 

-       On Tuesday, April 19th, Marsha, Tenley and Diane planted 4 flats of Pansies, each containing 6, 6” pots of white, yellow and orange pansies along with1 bag of MiracleGrow soil and Preen at a cost of            $113.64. 

-       Bob Moore cut back some of the decorative grasses on 4-19-16. 


8 Mile Landscape Project:  Per Marsha,

-       Scott at Saxton Landscaping recommends bigger rocks along the sides of the large island to keep everything in place; we disagreed.  He does recommend that the new light fixtures be lowered about 4”.  Denny said we can do that ourselves, and that the Northville neighborhood they visited last year with the same light fixtures has the lights lower.  On the east side, we need to remove about 4” of soil in front of the sign.   

-       Marsha may call another meeting when we have a specific proposal.  We also have the proposal from Metro Grounds.  Steinkoph Nursery has not returned our many calls.  Another nursery was mentioned, but they backed out on a deal several years ago.

-       Walt had a neighbor recommend a new landscaping company, but they were a no show at the appointment made for last Saturday

-       Tenley recommended 2 women who do design for a fee; perhaps they have a crew or can recommend one for installation.

-       Bob E. recommended we check with a place our Grand River Ave. that sells plants to contractors.  He offered to try there to get names of contractors. 

-       Walt told Metro Grounds to hold off until May 15th on their spring cleanup of the area.  We all agreed to skip it this year.  Their $900 cost for weeding, Preen and mulch could perhaps be combined with our project funds.


Homes with Poor Maintenance:

-       Denny noted a possible covenant violation on Wayne Road.  We will try to get a closer look to determine the situation.

-       Regarding a corner home that has had many prior problems, we received a complaint from another homeowner about the weeds and very poor condition of the home and lot.  The homeowner is getting quotes for windows and paint.  He put down one application of weed killer and said he will do 2 more. 

-       A home on Morlock looks like it has unfinished landscaping after the homeowner removed rows of boxwoods a long time ago.  Other Board members will look.


Garage Sale:  Denny reported Pauline Kehoe will organize the sale for Thursday, June 9th through Saturday, June 11, 2016.  Pauline is preparing the flyer and we will help distribute them to all homes.  Terry already sent an email that includes the date.


Hazardous Waste:  The pickup was last weekend.  Northville will have a hazardous waste pickup later this summer.



-       Per Denny, the City engineer reported that 8 Mile will be paved within 90’ of the Golf Ridge entrance, east to 400-500’ beyond Farmington Road eastbound with spot repair, and probably with a complete job on the westbound side.  The contracts have not yet been let.  Wayne County is in charge of the work including 7 Mile (Farmington to Newburgh) and their portion of 8 Mile.  The work will need to fit within the $3.5 million Wayne County has budgeted. 

-       Marsha commented that Hard Rock did the work in Northville on 8 Mile, and it’s already falling apart.  Denny said it’s probably due to the sand/cement mismatch.

-       In Farmington, Gill Road between Colfax and 9 Mile is closed due to paving work; perhaps they will do the southern section when school is out. 


Next Meeting:  Tentatively, Wednesday, June 1st, 7 p.m. at Diane’s house.



Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis