2016-3 March 16

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

March 16, 2016

                                                            May 4, 2016


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Tenley Jackson, Bob Ellis, Terry Millis, and Diane Tsaprazis (6).


Sod Damage:  The City did repairs following damage by City snow plow trucks.  Bob M. called the City to thank them on behalf of Deer Creek.  We decided not to place this item on our upcoming postcard to residents.  We discussed types of grass seed:  Bob E. recommends Kentucky Bluegrass; Denny recommends Rye but it only grows for 1 year.  Also, pre-emergent fertilizer kills grass seed. 


Minutes:  The minutes of 2-17-16 were approved with no changes.


Treasurer’s Report: 

-       Terry distributed a 2015 Year End report showing budget and actual figures.  We need to ask Walt why the Tree spraying was $1,147.94 vs $990 budgeted.  Our year-end balance was $9,076.82 as compared to $4,462.25 budgeted due to our water bill totaling $1,428.27 coming in much less than the $1,944 forecast due to the wet season, and only $989 spent on projects when $3,800 was allocated.

-       Terry also distributed the 2-29-16 bank statement showing a balance of $11,036.62. Since the last month end, Terry has made 6 deposits totaling $8,525 and written 2 checks totaling $275.51, bringing us to a current balance of $19,286.11.  We have recorded dues from 106 homes, plus there are about 10 more that just came in the mail. 

-       We reviewed the 2016 Budget and the 2017/18 Forecasts.  We made a few changes to these reports we will present at our Annual Meeting.  Our water bills have fluctuated in past years, from $1,648 in 2013; $1,962 in 2014; and $1,428 in 2015.  We decided to budget $1,900 in 2016 with $100 increases for each year thereafter. 

-       The reports were accepted. 



-       Denny explained that a “peel” consists of peeling off all the concrete without disturbing the underlying road bed.  This procedure will be done on 7 and 8 Mile this summer, with new re-bar and concrete poured.  

-       Bob E. explained that I-275 from 5 Mile to I-696 will also receive major work.  First they will shut down the southbound lanes and then the northbound.  We can expect more traffic on our local roads. 

-       In our neighborhood, our city officials want to do work here, especially at our entrances, but Todd Zilinski (City Engineer) told Denny it cannot be done this year.  We have not yet met the new head of the Dept. of Public Works that replaced Kevin Maillard. 

Email:  Terry sent an email yesterday regarding the sod damage to the 60% of dues payers that provided their email addresses.  We will not use email as an official channel of communication at this time. 


Entrance Lighting:  New LED lights at 8 Mile will be installed this Friday, weather permitting.  These bulbs may reduce our kilowatt usage by a third to a half. 


Garage Sale:  Denny sent an email to Pauline Condon asking if she will organize it again this year. 


Landscaping:  Marsha McLean gave a quote to Diane to present at the meeting.  The quote from Metro grounds totaled $5,840 including the two 8 Mile sign areas and entrance island.  The plan involves more annuals in all three places, which we would have to plant and pay for separately.  We have questions about the types of plants recommended.  We would like to get more quotes, possibly from Farmer John (Haggerty south of 12 Mile), and Steinkoph Nursery.  We decided we will try to get more quotes and details before the annual Meeting, but in the event that we do not get them in time, we will go with our present budget at the meeting.   


Agenda:  We reviewed the draft Diane prepared and made changes.  We will try to distribute the 2015 minutes prior to the meeting so Diane will not have to read them aloud.


Indemnification Insurance:  Denny reported that he spoke with Terry Cannon, the President of the Woodbrooke HOA to our east.  They have covenants and deed restriction documents similar to ours and they recently consulted a real estate attorney.  A couple Board members offered to ask their insurance agents if they offer this type of policy.  We will continue to investigate this matter. 


Postcard Reminder:  Dave Wood offered to help, and sent directions on how to prepare the information for Sir Speedy to do the printing and mailing.


Spring Flowers:  Last year, we planted pansies on April 15th.  Tenley and Diane will make plans to plant when the weather looks appropriate.


Next Meeting:  May 4th at 7 p.m. at Diane’s house.



Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis