2016-2 Feb 17

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

February 17, 2016


                                                Approved 3-17-16


Present:  Bob Moore, Walt Gerstner, Bob Ellis, Marsha McLean, Terry Millis, and Diane Tsaprazis (6).


Minutes:  The minutes of January 20, 2016 were approved with no changes.


Treasurer’s Report:  The annual budget meeting was held on January 30th at Bob Ellis’s house.  Terry distributed a current report showing a 12-31-15 balance of $9,076.82 carried over in the checkbook, along with a tentative 2016 budget.  So far this year, we have collected $2,200 in dues from 22 homes.  Terry also distributed a 1-31-16 bank statement showing a balance of $9,006.98, which after depositing $2,200 in dues and subtracting a $83.69 check for partial reimbursement for the annual letter/ telephone directory results in a current balance of $11,123.29.  Since her last deposit, Terry estimates that she has received dues from about another 70 homes.


We carefully reviewed the proposed 2016 budget: 

·         We are conservatively estimating that 165 homes will pay dues; 172 paid last year.  As in past years, we will not budget donations, although we usually do receive some.

·         We decided to budget our island water expense at $1,900.  It was only $1,428.27 last year only because we had a wet spring so we didn’t turn the water on until July, and we turned it off in September. 

·         Regarding our interior and entrance island maintenance, Walt reported that Metro Grounds will keep their price the same for the 4th year.  Lower fuel costs have helped their business.

·         Per Walt, the tree spraying from Mountain Top will be the same $990 cost in 2016.  They would like us to sign a contract by March 1st.  Walt will call them to explain that while the Board agrees, we have to get official approval from our membership at our Annual Meeting in early April.  The service covers 2 fungicide sprays to 8 crab trees and 3 Austrian pines and 1 Diplodia spray for the Austrian Pines at 8 Mile. 

·         The tree trimming was done in 2014 per Bob E.  We budgeted it again in 2018 at a cost of $1,000.

·         Regarding the Holiday decorations budgeted at $500 for 2016, Marsha recommends that we ask the homeowners at the Annual Meeting what they would like us to do.  If they want us to hire a company, can they recommend one; or would they volunteer if we do it ourselves. 

·         We increased the Project budget for the 8 Mile Entrance to $8,000 for 2016 and changed the budget for the light installation at 8 Mile and the Gill Road materials and installation to a total of $2,100. 

·         Our resulting 2016 year-end balance is budgeted at $1,961.82.  Per our notes at the bottom of the financial statement presented at the 4-22-15 Annual Meeting, we try to keep a $2,500 minimum balance.  The actual balance is likely to be higher if we receive dues payments from more households as we did last year, along with donations as we have received in past years. 

Terry passed along notes received from homeowners along with their annual dues:

-       One resident wants us to urge homeowners to park in their driveways instead of the street as it reduces the streets to only one lane of passage. 

-       Another homeowner notified us that they are seriously ill and out of work. 

-       Bob M. notified us of another homeowner who has passed away. 


Neighborhood Gmail Account:    Terry opened a Deer Creek account.  She will use it to thank homeowners for paying their 2016 dues.  We will tell everyone about it at the Annual Meeting.  The account is not intended to replace mailing the annual letter, directory, or meeting notice.  It is set up blind so that no one can capture anyone else’s email address.  Thank you, Terry!


Landscaping:  Marsha is having a lot of difficulty contacting big John of Steinkoph Nursery.  They are closed this time of year. She has left numerous messages.  Bob M. recommends calling again, asking for his sister, Beth.  Marsha also called Uncle John’s.  They are willing to come out when the weather improves.  We discussed other possible landscape companies. 


Director and Officers’ Insurance:  Diane will send possible Bylaw language to Marsha, who will contact an attorney for advice. 


Roads:  We will need an update for our Annual Meeting.  Marsha questioned what a “peel off” is that is planned for 7 and 8 Mile.  We hope the City commits to fixing our neighborhood roads in 2017. 


Facebook:  Terry will investigate procedures.  She thinks possible home buyers may search Facebook as it often comes up first on a Google search.  We want it to be a source of information to help neighbors connect. 


Website:  Diane sent updated minutes to Laura.  The site needs some updating. 


Annual Meeting:  We will need to mail a reminder postcard 10 days before our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 5th.  Diane will call Dave Wood to find out how he prepared the postcard in the past. 


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 7p.m. at Diane’s house.  Diane will prepare a draft of the Annual Meeting Agenda.  




Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis.  No attachments.