2016-11 Nov22

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

November 22, 2016

                                                                        Approved 1-25-17


Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Bob Ellis, Walt Gerstner, Tenley Jackson, Marsha McLean, Terry Millis and Diane Tsaprazis (8).


Electrical & Plumbing Problems at 8 Mile: 

·        10/20/16:  Denny filed a claim with Wayne County via email.

·        10/31/16:  Angelo Lanni, President of Florence Cement, sent letter of response to erroneous address.

·        11/15/16:  Denny spoke with Mr. Lanni.  He said our wires must have been put on the public right-of-way without a permit, so the homeowners are responsible.  He also said he would take it up with Wayne County if we produce evidence of a permit.  He also re-sent his letter.

·        11/21/16:  Livonia Engineering provided maps showing easements and right-of-way, and Inspection Dept. provided a copy of the building permit.  Denny then spoke with Mr. Lanni who asked for copies and again said he would take it up with Wayne County.  Denny mailed the copies to Mr. Lanni via U.S. mail.

·        Later in the meeting we discussed that the stone signs were not up at the beginning of the subdivision in 1987.  Rolan Electric pulled the permit to electrify the signs.  Our electric is on an easement where it belongs.  Wayne County is paying for the current work, but we are not sure of the funding source.


Minutes:  The minutes of 10-19-16 were approved with no changes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Terry distributed a copy of the 10-31-16 Citizens Bank statement showing a balance of $12,297.39.  Terry also gave us a current financial statement showing an ending balance of $11,403.44, as well as a spreadsheet showing the checks written for the entire year, and a copy of the 2015 budget/actual report prepared by our prior Treasurer, Dave Wood. 

·        Walt called Rainy Dave’s and had them winterize all our sprinkler systems and check on Island #3 where there was a water main break in the early fall.  They charged $225 for this service.

·        Walt also reported we saved $935 on spring maintenance and $650 on fall maintenance at 8 Mile totaling $1,585 not spent.  We did not do the spring clean up because of the landscaping work we had done on the center island, and we did not do the fall clean up because of the mess left behind by the County repaving project. 

·        We spent $250 we did not expect to save the tree on Island #3.

·        Denny recommended that the Board members on our budget team get together to clarify the Island Maintenance and Irrigation Maintenance lines.  We agreed we should leave the 2016 budget as it was initially set up, and in 2017 we will break out the sprinkler maintenance (backflow testing, repairs, winterization).  The budget team will meet in January. 

·        We accepted the report and complimented Terry on the detailed check info page.


Christmas Decorations:  We do not have power available for lights at 8 Mile.  The sign light on the west side is working, but probably because the electrician bypassed the GFI.  Christmas Décor, who decorated our center island tree last year, called Terry, and she explained our situation.  We do not get the lights they installed last year retuned to us, but maybe we will get a credit if we use them in the future.  We discussed if we should email the residents, but decided to let them know via word of mouth.  Bob M. recommended that we remove the fall decorations and install the wreaths after Thanksgiving.


Satellite Dish:  Bob E. received a call from a new homeowner wanting to know if we have restrictions.  Bob checked with Denny, but has not been able to speak with the homeowner yet.  We do not have restrictions of satellite dishes. 


Saxton’s Landscaping:  Marsha reported she will meet with them in February to devise a plan for the 8 Mile sign areas.  Recently at 8 Mile, Saxton’s divided the daylilies, cut them down, replanted some to other places and cleaned the whole island; we already paid.  They also removed the purple stalk plants which we will replace with something else in the spring.  Our fall mums were also removed by them too.  We will be first on their schedule in the spring. 


Gill Road: 

·        The 6 fall mums are still there.  We agreed to take them out in the spring.

·        The status on the new lights is still the same.  We cannot seem to get a design we like within our current budget. 


8 Mile Paving:  Cold patch with a roller was installed today.  Marsha called Mark Hudson, the onsite paving supervisor, about the incomplete work.  Walt said the Detroit News had an article about people being dissatisfied with 8 Mile.  The Observer newspaper said Wayne County has been deluged with complaints.  Denny recommended emailing Terry Merecki, our Wayne County Commissioner. 


Telephone Directory:  Our information is due to the publisher by December 10th for printing on January 10th.  We discussed a few houses for sale.  We agreed to use a November 1st cut-off for resident changes. 


Annual Letter:  Tenley distributed a proposed dues coupon and new letterhead.  We approved with one small change, and thanked Tenley.


Auditor:  Bob M. spoke with a homeowner also active in the Rotary.  He is busy doing taxes for seniors at the beginning of the year, but perhaps he can do it later at his convenience. 


Tree Pruning:  The status is the same.  We should speak with Doug Moore at the City Forestry Dept.  We want to know why some trees were trimmed, but cleanup incomplete.


Holiday Gathering:  Bob and Betty invited us to their home on Sunday December 4th at 4:30  pm to celebrate. 


Next Meeting:  January 25, 2017, 7 p.m. at Diane’s house.  We will review our annual dues letter prior to the meeting.




Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

Attachments:  None