2016-10 Oct 19

Minutes of the Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

Board of Directors

Held at Diane Tsaprazis’s house

October 19, 2016

                                                                        Approved 11-22-16

Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Tenley Jackson, Bob Ellis, Walt Gerstner, Marsha McLean and Diane Tsaprazis (7).


Minutes:  The minutes of 9-15-16 were approved with two changes.


Treasurer’s Report:  In Terry Millis’s absence, she emailed a copy of the first page of the 9-30-16 Citizens Bank statement and her 10-19-16 Budget/Actual YTD/Variance spreadsheet.  We reviewed the report and discussed the following points:

-        The bank shows a balance of $12,582.27 on 9-30-16; the actual balance today is $11,970.03. Since our last meeting when our checkbook balance was $13,254.91, we received dues of $600 and we spent $43 in electricity, $1,074 on interior island maintenance, and $768 on entrance maintenance.  The landscaping expenses were $1,474 to Metro Grounds, $250 to Steinkoph, and $118 to Diane for mums at both entrances.  

-        Marsha thanked Walt for saving the Gingko tree on Island #3 (Morlock & Gary Lane) when a water main broke on its own that runs to the island.  A homeowner called the Board, and Walt called Steinkoph.  The City removed the tree and placed it on Steinkoph’s truck.  Steinkoph took it back to their place and replanted it a couple days later and staked it.  The cost was $250, which was not budgeted, but it saved a $500 tree. 

-        Statement Presentation:  We recommend changing the line “Water & Irrigation” to “Irrigation Maintenance” because that line encompasses mostly the backflow certification ($520 this year) and sprinkler repair parts.  We still need to determine where we included this work in the budget lines.  We also recommend removing the word “Overage” under the Variance column because it is confusing; the column shows the remaining funds in the budget if the number is positive, and over-budget figures if the number is negative.  We discussed the possibility of combining the Interior & Exterior line items, and adding a column for Expenditures Since Our Last Meeting.  We will discuss this again when Terry is present.  


Water:  Bob E. reported that the City removed all the meters in early October as expected.  Bob E. removed all the timers with Dave Wood’s help.  Walt will call Rainy Dave’s Sprinkler Service to have all our lines winterized.  On Island #3, the City restored the water line after the break and put down seed in the damaged area.  Walt will ask Rainy Dave’s to make sure the City repaired everything properly.


Electrical & Plumbing Problems at 8 Mile:  Wayne County is re-paving sections of 8 Mile and they installed blind bumps on new sidewalk crossing sections.  In the process, they damaged our nearby electrical and irrigation systems.  Denny has had phone & in-person conversations with Mark Hudson, the boss on site, as well as phone conversations with Heather Sypula, Dept. Manager, Wayne County Dept. of Public Services Engineering Division.  Heather informed Denny yesterday that we have to submit a claim and she will email him the form.  Presently, we have no electric power on the 8 Mile center island or on the east side of our entrance. Both GFI breakers will not reset, which means an exposed line is in the ground somewhere.  Miss Dig didn’t identify a potential problem.  We may need an electrician to find the severed wires.  Denny said that the disturbed lawn areas seem to have been prepped for sod. Bob E. commented that the Wayne County contractor will probably spread seed.  Presently, we only have power on the west side of our entrance.  It is possible we will not have power for holiday lights.   The contractor also dug up some of the irrigation pipes and heads.  These are now lying above ground.  Without water and electrical on the island we cannot run the sprinklers to find out if these pipes belong to our system, the residents, or some from each. 


Fall Decorations:  Bob M. and Marsha put up the scarecrows and corn husks at 8 Mile.  Bob M. hung the fall wreaths at Gill Road.  Marsha and Diane planted 24 6” yellow mums (Home Depot, $2.98 each) on Oct. 4th, and later planted 3 larger mums (place on north side of 8 Mile near Newburgh, $7 each) with Denny’s help at Gill Road.  Bob M. and Bob E. trimmed and removed bushes at Gill.  Marsha has been regularly bringing water from her home up to all the mums, new tree and hydrangeas, with some help from Tenley and Diane.  A homeowner is watering the tree on Island #3.  Walt offered to water at Gill Road. 


Saxton’s:  Marsha will meet with Sarah in November to make plans for next year around the 8 Mile signs.  On the 8 Mile island, Saxton’s will divide the daylilies this fall (already paid), and they recommend removing the purple tall plants and replacing them with grasses in the spring.  The irrigation box was covered by mulch during the re-landscaping, but Denny and Dave found it and uncovered it.


Lights for Gill Road Signs:  Denny explained that we originally budgeted for a single light on each side.  Terry, the installer, brought out a LED rectangular light for us to try in September, but we did not like it because it created harsh white light.  Jerry, the lighting designer who was formerly with Allen Electric, has proposed 2 lights for each sign that would be placed at each end, cross over, and wash up from below.  Denny emailed Jerry asking him to address the following concerns: 1) the cost could be double, which is not in our current budget; 2) a total of four 50 watt lights may be too much light; and 3) the raised lettering on our signs may create shadows.  We discussed that we may not be able to do this project this year due to budget constraints.  Already, we spent $250 that was not originally budgeted for clean up at 8 Mile, and $250 to Steinkoph to save the tree noted above.  We discussed that the landscaping may need to change depending on the light placement.  Marsha recommended warmer lighting from 1 fixture per side.  Bob E. explained that Daylight bulbs are the brightest with a high ‘K’ rating number.  Denny said the lowest (warmest light color) LEDs are 2700K.  We have 3,500K LED bulbs at 8 Mile, and 5,000K bulbs are typically used in parking lots. 


Paving:  8 Mile is being worked on now.  7 Mile has barrels out and work is beginning.  Bob E. said a different company is doing 7 Mile.  There is a cut off for how late in the year concrete can be poured, which we believe is November 15th.


Telephone Directory & January Mailing:  Diane will email Terry about info needed.  Only 1 home has sold this year, although Tenley is keeping an eye on 4 homes that are or were listed for sale.  Tenley will print our letters.  We discussed the dues coupons; Tenley will prepare a draft coupon and make sure she can print our logo on the letters.


Audit:  A homeowner who is moving audited our financial records in the past.  Bob M. will ask another homeowner he knows through the Rotary Club if he can audit our records after the end of the year.


Tree Pruning:  Denny said Dave Wood offered to make a map or a list of City trees needing pruning that we can give to Doug Moore of the City Forestry Dept. Marsha and Denny noted some trees were removed throughout the neighborhood where Miss Dig painted yellow marks indicating a nearby gas line; the work was not cleaned up very well.


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 16, 7 p.m. at Diane’s house. 


Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

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