2017 April 20

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the

Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

April 20, 2017

Reviewed by the Board of Directors on June 5, 2017

Approved at the April 26, 2018 Annual Meeting


President Behrendsen convened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. in meeting rooms A and B

of the Livonia Civic Center Library, with 23 homeowners in attendance


Board Members Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Terry Millis, Diane Tsaprazis, Walt Gerstner, Bob Ellis, Marsha McLean and Tenley Jackson.  All Board members were present. 


Introduction of New Neighbors:  Mike and Molly Thiry of 20044 Wayne Road were welcomed.


Minutes of April 5, 2016:  Minutes were distributed as residents entered the room.  A motion was made to approve the minutes and seconded.  Finding no discussion, the minutes were approved by acclamation. 


Treasurer’s Reports:  Presented by Terry Millis

A.      2016 Financial Report:  Our beginning balance was $9,076.82.  Dues and donations of $16,725 were received which exceeded the $16,500 budgeted.  Total operating expenses of $11,869.76 were at or under every line item in the $13,515 budget.  The largest operating expenses were $1,835.37 spent for water, $5,594.33 for interior island maintenance, $2,066.28 for entrance island maintenance, and $990 for tree spraying.  Project expenses totaled $4,743.15, consisting of $4,015.50 spent to refurbish the 8 Mile center island and $727.65 spent to have the LED lights on the 8 Mile signs installed.  Thus, our ending balance for the year was $9,188.91.  We budgeted a $1,961.82 ending balance, however, we spent much less because we were not able to improve the 8 Mile sign areas because of the 8 Mile paving project done by the County over the late summer and we were not able to install new LED lighting at Gill within our remaining $1,372 electrical upgrade project budget.  A motion was made to accept the report, and seconded.  A homeowner asked about our website expenses.  Ms. Millis replied that we paid only $25 in 2016 to our webmaster which is in the Miscellaneous category, and that we may need to pay for the site name again in 2018.  The report was approved by acclamation. 

B.     2017 Budget: Similar to recent years, we project revenue of $16,500 from 165 homes paying $100 annual dues.  Forecasted operating expenses of $12,255 includes new line items of $7,500 for Entrance and Interior Maintenance and $825 for Irrigation and Repairs; previously, these categories were split between Interior Islands and Entrance Islands which was difficult to break down because many of contractors working on all areas gave us a combined bill.  We are not budgeting for electrical repairs because electric work is included in the Project category.  In Projects, we propose allocating $6,000 for re-landscaping the two 8 Mile sign areas.  We include $2,000 to improve the Gill Road landscaping.  We also plan to complete the LED electrical upgrade at Gill at a cost of $2,000.  Our budget also includes a $2,000 contingency in the event that we have to repair the electrical and plumbing damage done at 8 Mile by the paving contractor.  Thus, our projected 12-31-17 checkbook balance is $1,434.  A motion was made to accept the 2017 Budget, and seconded.  During discussion with residents, Pres Behrendsen explained the following:

1.     Our Irrigation expense includes annual required backflow testing at $50 for each of our 9 valves.  The City sends us a notice and we have to use a certified plumber who sends the report back to the City.  We have a combination of brass and plastic parts as not all the brass was stolen a few years ago; metal prices have declined so they are not as much at risk.

2.     We have sprayed the pine trees at the 8 Mile entrance and on islands for bugs and fungus for the past 4 years.  We now plan to do it every other year, skipping 2017.

3.     We are trying to get the people who caused the problems at 8 Mile to fix them, but we are budgeting $2,000 in case we need to make the repairs. 

4.     A homeowner asked about the hydrangeas that didn’t look good at the end of the season.  Ms. McLean explained that we planted a bit late in the season; they should look better this year.

5.     In response to a homeowner asking about the electrical upgrades reducing our costs, we will not have everything in place in early 2017, so we kept our budget the same.  The LEDs should save 50%, so even with rate increases we should realize savings and will adjust the 2018 plan accordingly.  The lights have photo cells, on from dusk to dawn.

6.     We budget for only 165 homes paying dues out of our 209 homes. Our dues are voluntary.  Ms. Millis explained we do send a reminder letter.

The 2017 budget was approved by acclamation.  A homeowner complimented Ms. Millis on the report.


Old Business: President Behrendsen read our list of accomplishments from the Agenda.  Discussion followed:

8 Mile Re-landscaping:  Ms. McLean did a great job working with Saxton’s Landscaping to entirely refurbish the center entrance island.  She is working with them now on a plan for the 8 Mile sign areas.

Damage at 8 Mile:  The sidewalk ramps were replaced with ADA compliant ramps.  Since then, we have no lighting on the East side or on the center island.  Our irrigation system was also severed.  The contractor, Florence Cement, was determined by our State Dept. of Transportation.  Pres. Behrendsen has contacted everyone involved multiple times.  Our Wayne County Commissioner, Terry Merecki, and her Assistant, Grace, are trying to help.  We are also trying to determine if Miss Dig marked the site.  Some nearby homeowners had signs on their doorsteps, but we don’t know if they responded.  A homeowner called Wayne Co. about the lack of a turn lane at 8 Mile, and was told there is no money.  Pres. Behrendsen said there was a nationwide cement problem.  A homeowner commented on above-ground irrigation lines in the neighborhoods to our east; President Behrendsen said there was damage there too.

Water Main Break:  Mr. Gerstner said good communication from a resident alerted him to the tree problem.  

Mowing Contract:  Mr. Gerstner said Metro Grounds has held their prices the last 5 years. 

Flowers:  We were complimented on the new pansies.  Ms. McLean explained that the Lantana plants are a colorful annual.  We may need help planting.

New Homeowners:  We welcomed 3 new families last year.  Usually, 3 to 5 homes sell each year.


New Business:  Refer to the list on the Agenda.  Discussion topics:

Water Supply:  Golf Ridge has a new Board, so we are hopeful they will allow the City to complete a 120’ loop which will supply our neighborhood from the north.  The City changed a valve to the east of us, which has improved pressure for homes near 8 Mile.

Roads:  We cannot expect concrete replacement this year.  The City will do some hot patch repairs.  We hope they can replace sections at our entrances in 2018.  Ms. McLean explained Livonia’s Public Service Dept. will repair pot holes if they are called.

Volunteers:  For the Garage Sale, Pauline Kehoe needs help with flyers and signs. Ms. McLean and Ms. Behrendsen offered to help.  We need more signs within the neighborhood.

Bicentennial Park Entrance:  Split rail repairs are needed.  The City will put down mulch if requested.

Neighborhood Watch:  Some wheels and tires were stolen in 2015.  Call the Police if we notice something odd.  Tell neighbors when going on vacation.  Mr. Moore explained he smelled gas at a neighbor’s house and notified DTE. 

Holiday Decorations:  We could not install our usual lights because we had no power.  We put out decorative bulbs.  Residents are encouraged to share ideas for all seasons.


Homeowner Discussion

Glen Eden:  Homeowner said dirt is piling up at cemetery to our west.  Some soil fences have been installed.  It is not an ordinance violation unless it interferes with drainage on the adjacent homes. We think it is the cemetery’s own excess dirt. 

Snow Removal:  A neighbor’s contractor puts snow on his sidewalk.  Snow should be kept on one’s own property.  Pres. Behrendsen said there can be a fine.  Mr. Ellis explained this issue is included in the City’s newsletter.  We will include a reminder in our next dues letter. 

8 Mile near Entrance:  Pres. Behrendsen explained filling with hot patch.  Ultimately, we want deep concrete replacement.

Garbage:  Ms. McLean reminded residents to use barrel cans when setting out garbage overnight, not plastic bags, in order to deter rodents.  We discussed types of cans used in various cities.


Adjournment:  By acclamation, Pres. Behrendsen adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m. 


Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis