2016 April 5th

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the

Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

April 5, 2016

Reviewed by the Board of Directors on May 4, 2016

Approved at the 4-20-2017 Annual Meeting


President Behrendsen convened the meeting at 7:35 p.m. in meeting rooms A & B

of the Livonia Civic Center Library, with 25 homeowners in attendance


Board Members Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Terry Millis, Diane Tsaprazis, Walt Gerstner, Bob Ellis, Marsha McLean and Tenley Jackson.  All Board members were present.


Introduction of New Neighbors:  Donata Redge of 34656 Pembroke was welcomed. 


Minutes of April 22, 2015:  Minutes were distributed as residents entered the room.  A motion was made to approve the minutes and seconded.  Finding no discussion, the minutes were approved by acclamation. 


Treasurer’s reports:  Presented by Terry Millis

A.      2015 Financial Report:  We had a balance carried over from the prior year of $5,599.25.  Dues of $16,950 from 172 homes exceeded our budget of $16,000, which when combined with donations of $500 resulted in total funds of $23,049.25.  Total operating expenses of $12,983.54 were under the $13,337 budgeted primarily because water expenses of $1,428.27 were lower than the $1,944 forecast due to a wet season.  We spent $621 on holiday decorations, more than the $300 budgeted, because we used an outside company to light the north tree on the 8 Mile island.  Projects were budgeted at 3,800, but we only spent $989 ($689 for lighting hardware & $300 to split daylilies).  Our ending checkbook balance was therefore $9,076.82.  A motion was made to accept the report, seconded, and approved by acclamation. 

B.     2016 Budget: We proposed budgeting $16,500 in revenue from 165 homes paying $100 annual dues.  Forecasted operating expenses of $13,515 includes keeping island water expenses at $1,900 in case we have a dry season.  The contractor we use for most island maintenance is keeping prices the same as past years.  Project expenses are budgeted higher than last year at $10,100 because we want to substantially refurbish the 8 Mile sign and entrance island as well as complete our upgrade to the lighting at both entrances.  Marsha McLean explained that many of the existing plantings are not doing well and some are over 20 years old.  We are obtaining quotes from landscapers for hardy, colorful plants within our budget to refresh, but not entirely replace plantings.  A homeowner asked when the 8 Mile street paving will be done; someone said July.  Pres. Behrendsen explained the paving project.  We discussed possible effects of paving on our project. In response to a question, we explained that we are not changing our signs, although the east sign requires removal of built-up mulch.  Our entrance lighting project will be finished.  The LED bulbs will be more efficient, so we may save on electricity.  A motion was made to approve the budget and seconded.  A homeowner asked about removal of fall leaves on islands.  Walt explained that our mowing company mows, but only some of the leaves are broken up.  Bob E. said the City does not pick up leaves from the street areas behind the islands.  Pres. Behrendsen asked for an Amendment to the motion to approve the budget to increase our interior island maintenance by $500 to cover one fall cleanup in early November.  A motion was made, seconded and approved.  In response to a question, Pres. Behrendsen explained that the lighting was recently temporarily installed using 50 watt LED bulbs at 8 Mile.  The budget includes lighting at both entrances.  The budget was approved by acclamation. 

C.    Forecast for 2017 & 2018:  With dues constant, the operating expenses continue, including the $500 for fall island cleanup, while project costs drop to $2,000 each year.

Old Business:  President Behrendsen read our list of accomplishments from the Agenda. Discussion followed:

Paving:  Residents clapped about 2015 repaving on portions of Pembroke and Ellen.  The City did some recent filling of cracks near Bretton entrance.  Homeowners thanked us for calls made to City following snow plow damage.  The City knows us, but also recommends residents call in as they need voices to make repairs.

Trash Service:  Homeowners report more debris on streets following pickup by new City trash collector, Rizzo Services.  A homeowner commented that workers are not vetted.  Marsha called the City after seeing recycling picked up with trash. Residents should call if they see problems.

Home values:  Terry, a Realtor, reported sales of $320,000 to $390,000 in our desirable neighborhood.  Prices are higher in the newer neighborhoods to our east.  She expects prices to slowly rise.

Storm water:  Drainage from our sump pumps goes into the storm sewer.  A homeowner reported he had his pipes photographed to isolate damage, dug up and replaced pipes, and now his sump pump does not run all the time. Marsha recommended annual professional pipe cleaning.


Election:  All positions are open.  Nominations were requested from the floor three times.  The following slate of Officers was elected by acclamation for a two year term: 

            President:                                Denny Behrendsen

            Vice President:                        Bob Moore

            Treasurer:                               Terry Millis

            Secretary:                                Diane Tsaprazis

            Trustees:                                 Walt Gerstner, Bob Ellis, Marsha McLean

            Welcome Committee:              Tenley Jackson

New Business:

Road Improvements: I-275 repaving will begin about April 15th completely closing southbound traffic first, then northbound.  We expect some difficulties in our area.  Also, a homeowner said she heard 7 Mile will be repaired first, and then 8 Mile. 

Water Pressure:  Pres. Behrendsen explained a 120’ section remains to be done to finish the link to our north, however, Golf Ridge has not approved the payment the City has offered for an easement.  This link will provide us water from the north and south.

Holiday Lighting:  Residents are encouraged to see a Board member with any contractor recommendations or if they are willing to help install lights.

Email:  We established a gmail account which Terry used to confirm dues payments and notify residents about sod damage.  Residents are encouraged to provide their email addresses.

Vandalism:  Regarding 2 car incidents last year, Pres. Behrendsen recommends parking inside garages, wheel locks, and exterior lights on especially on rainy nights. Two home break-ins occurred during morning hours.  Some holiday decorations were knocked over by kids.  Pres. Behrendsen cautioned residents about door to door sales people.

Reminder:  Every home in Deer Creek has a Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions filed with their deed.  The conditions apply to every lot, whether the homeowner pays association dues or not.  See www.deercreek-subdivision for details.   Also, please park in driveways, not streets, whenever possible.

Volunteers needed:  Regarding the Garage Sale, Pauline Kehoe was not present, however she agreed to organize it again, and a few residents offered to help.  Tenley asked for volunteers to provide landscaping input if they have a good eye for design.  When we want to plant flowers, Marsha recommends we use email.

Speeding Cars:  A homeowner asked about increase in local speeding.  Pres. Behrendsen recommends we call the Police to get a radar wagon placed in our area and then some patrols.  A homeowner commented that some residents could be ticketed too.  Also, Pres. Behrendsen explained the removal of stop signs conforms to national standards that found fewer stops result in overall slower driving. 

Sidewalks:  In response to a question, Pres. Behrendsen explained sidewalks are the responsibility of homeowners.   Marsha said occasionally uneven sections deemed caused by trees are fixed by the City at no cost to the homeowner.  Bob E. said it’s cheaper to have the City do the work & bill the home owner, rather than using private companies. 

Orange Flags:  A homeowner asked about flags placed on Pembroke last year.  Walt spoke with the man placing the flags who said they were for concrete replacement, but that never happened.  Pres. Behrendsen said Miss Dig may have gotten wrong directions.

Paving:  In response to a homeowner, Pres. Behrendsen said the County is responsible for 7 Mile Road.  Work was done only 8 or 9 years ago.  He said the cause of the quickly deteriorated concrete is due to environmental protection regulating cement makers.  The process was changed, which changed the alkalinity of the sand/silicone content, which turned out not to match.  The problem is nationwide, costing billions.  By chance, some mixes were better than others.


Adjournment:  After a building employee asked us to vacate the room, a motion was made to adjourn the annual meeting of April 5, 2016.  By acclamation, Pres. Behrendsen adjourned the meeting at 8:55 p.m.


Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis