2015 April 22

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the

Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

April 22, 2015

Reviewed by the Board of Directors on May 20, 2015

DRAFT until approved at the 2016 Annual Meeting


President Behrendsen convened the meeting at 7:31 p.m. in meeting rooms A & B

of the Livonia Civic Center Library, with 33 homeowners in attendance


Board Members Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Terry Millis, Diane Tsaprazis, Walt Gerstner, Marsha McLean and Tenley Jackson.  Trustee Bob Ellis was absent, and former Treasurer Dave Wood was present. 


Introduction of New Neighbors: Romie and daughter Kayshia Wourman of 20443 Wayne Road were welcomed; his wife Patricia was at home.


Minutes of April 30, 2014:  The Secretary read the minutes aloud.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as written and seconded.  Finding no discussion, the minutes were approved by acclamation. 


Treasurer’s Reports:  Presented by Dave Wood and Terry Millis

A.    2014 Financial Report:  Because we never forecast donations, our actual revenue of $15,715 greatly exceeded our budget of $12,225 as most homeowners paid the requested $25 donation ahead of the dues increase from $75 to $100 approved at the 2014 annual meeting.  Operating expenses of $12,666 were only slightly higher than our forecast of $12,300 due to higher water expenses including an extra $170 for one pressure vacuum breaker repair & complete backflow re-certification as well as $1,075 spent on nonrecurring trimming. Project expenses of $2,127 were incurred compared to the $2,150 budgeted with $218 spent on normal sprinkler repairs (this item will be shown in Operating Expenses in the future); $1,370 spent at the 8 Mile entrance with the removal of 4 trees, installation of 2 new trees & overall clean-up; and $300 spent on new LED lights for the 8 Mile island trees.  Our 12-31-14 checkbook balance was $5,599.  Walt Gerstner clarified that 4 Austrian Pines were removed and 2 Norway Spruce trees were planted; we may add 5’ bushes to fill in the area after we see how it looks in May.  A motion was made to approve the 2014 financial statement, moved and seconded.  A homeowner asked if we obtain competitive bids for the landscape contracts.  Walt explained that we obtained a quote last year that was actually higher than our current contract with Metro Grounds.  The landscape rates have been the same for the past 4 years.  Finding no further questions, the report was approved by acclamation.

B.    2015 Budget:  Revenue is forecast at $16,000 reflecting $100 from 160 homes.  So far this year, we have collected $14,600 from 142 homes. Total operating expenses are forecast at $13,337 of which $1,944 is for water which is our biggest concern because it is difficult to estimate.  Mulch has gone up $150, and we added $200 for regular water system repairs and $400 for additional entrance cleanup.  Project expenses of $3,800 include $1,000 for trees and shrubs, $1,500 for upgraded sign lighting, $300 to divide the daylilies, and $1,000 for new rose bushes.  A motion was made to approve the 2015 budget, moved and seconded.  A homeowner asked where the website cost is shown.  Dave Wood responded that a homeowner, Laura Thompson, maintains it; the Google website is free; and Dave paid $27 for the domain name for 3 years.  A homeowner asked about the cost for the Telephone Directory. Pres. Behrendsen explained that the publisher obtains advertisers, we pay only for the postage to mail it along with our January dues letter; residents are encouraged to patronize the advertisers.  A homeowner asked about the tree spraying program and whether it includes spraying for spider mites.  Walt Gerstner explained the $990 in tree spraying done by Mountain Top does not include spraying for spider mites, however, we agreed that all trees should be examined annually.  Finding no further discussion, the budget was approved by acclamation.

C.   Directional Plan for 2016 and 2017:  Total income is projected at $16,000 per year.  Operating expenses increase slightly annually for inflation and Projects include $500 in 2016 to finish the electrical upgrades and $1,000 each year for entrance/island tree/shrub replacement.  There were no questions from homeowners. 


Old Business: 

-       President Behrendsen further explained bus stop procedures, which were discussed at our 2014 annual meeting.  Our Livonia School Superintendent has school buses traveling east on 8 Mile Road use all available lights to have vehicles on both sides of the street stop, but Farmington Hills uses a “traffic stop” method when traveling west which is legal because the students do not cross the street.

-       President Behrendsen read the list of our accomplishments given on the agenda.  Last year, 2 Gingko trees were planted on an interior island.  Also, presently 2 homes are for sale.

-       Past Deer Creek Homeowner Association President and Trustees, Charlie and Nan Marr, are moving due to his new job.  They will be missed and we thank them for their substantial work on our behalf.


Election:   We approve our Board members for 2 year terms in even numbered years.  Because our Treasurer, Dave Wood, wished to be replaced, we appointed Terry Millis at our last Board Meeting.  In keeping with parliamentary procedures, President Behrendsen asked for nominations from the floor.  Terry Millis was approved by all those present for the remaining 1 year term. Dave will continue with some tasks including the website.  We all thanked Dave for his work over the years. 


New Business: 

A.    Roads: 

-       Our residents from 34855 to 35096 Pembroke received a notice from the City that sections of their road will be replaced.  We have lobbied the City for years.  The City will hold a meeting 4-23-15 at 7 p.m. in the Civic Center Library auditorium where the City Engineer and Director of Public Works will explain the entire City Road Program; all are welcome to attend. 

-       A homeowner asked if a turn lane at 8 Mile to and from Ellen Dr. could be constructed.  Pres. Behrendsen said there has never been any discussion on this topic at the City, and that 2 neighborhoods to our east have similar concerns. 

-       A gate to the west of us in the Glen Eden Memorial Park will be replaced with a fence, a new section of sidewalk and a real curb at the street. 

-       Regarding 8 Mile, the work currently being done to our west replaces some sections.  The really bad, deteriorating parts of 7 and 8 Mile are not scheduled for this year, but hopefully will be done in 2016; a chemical incompatibility with some of the concrete caused the problem. In response to a homeowner’s question, Pres. Behrendsen said the utility flags near 8 Mile were requested by the County to make sure cement work does not damage utilities. We discussed the difficulty of making left turns.

B.    Water Pressure:  The City installed an extension to the water main west to the Golf Ridge entrance, but could not get the developer there to agree to finish the remaining 120’.  When an agreement is reached with the Golf Ridge Board, boring will be done and our pressure will improve.

C.   Crumbling Sidewalks:  Either the homeowner or the City can replace sidewalk sections, with all work billed to the homeowner. 

D.   Daylilies:  Our landscape contractor will divide the lilies on the 8 Mile Island into quarters and the surplus will be available to homeowners, probably near the end of this week.   

E.    Maintenance reminder:  Pres. Behrendsen read the reminder printed on the agenda.

F.    Volunteers needed: 

-       Garage Sale:  Homeowner Pauline Kehoe will coordinate again, but needs help.  Don Kehoe said they will make one trip to the City to obtain the $5 per home permits.  Each participating home must display a permit number.  In response to a question, Pres. Behrendsen said the City allows 2 garage sales per home per year; call the City for more info.  The 2015 sale will be Thursday, June 4th through Saturday June 6th, with some homes continuing on Sunday.  Marsha McLean said we work with our regular mailman, Dave, to distribute the flyers and permits. 

-       Welcome Committee:  Tenley Jackson explained she uses the official City records to know when new people move in, which may result in a bit of a lag in visiting them.  It’s a great way to meet new neighbors.  Anyone interested should call Tenley. 

-       Flower Planting and Holiday Decorations can always use help.  Please call a Board member. 

G.   Other:  Homeowners and the Board thanked Dave Wood for his help as our Treasurer.


Adjournment:  A motion was made adjourn the annual meeting of April 22, 2015.  By acclamation, President Behrendsen adjourned the meeting at 8:44 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis

Dave Wood,
Jun 18, 2015, 5:36 PM