Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the

Deer Creek Homeowners Association of Livonia

April 30, 2014

Reviewed by the Board of Directors on May 8, 2014

Approved at April 22, 2015 Annual Meeting


President Behrendsen convened the meeting at 7:35 p.m. in meeting rooms A & B

of the Livonia Civic Center Library, with 28 homeowners in attendance


Board Members Present:  Denny Behrendsen, Bob Moore, Dave Wood, Diane Tsaprazis, Walt Gerstner, Bob Ellis, Marsha McLean, and Tenley Jackson.  All Board Members were present.


Introduction of New Neighbors:  Tim Kocoloski of 35184 Pembroke was welcomed; his wife is Kim and they have two young children.  Margaret Oldfield introduced herself to let us know she would like to buy a ranch in our neighborhood. 


Minutes of April 24, 2013:  The Secretary read the minutes aloud.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as written and seconded.  Finding no discussion, the minutes were approved by acclamation. 


Treasurer’s Reports:  Presented by Dave Wood

A.     2013 Financial Report:  Pres. Behrendsen indicated the Board already reviewed the report, so a motion to accept has been made, thus the report is open for discussion.  We received dues of $12,450 in addition to $350 in donations, thus exceeding our $12,225 projection.  Operating expenses totaled $11,074 compared to the $11,483 budgeted.  Our water costs came in at $1,658 versus the $2,038 forecast due to lower usage and a reduction by the City of fixed fees for multiple meter users. We paid $500 to have the vandalized north Gill Road sign repainted professionally.  We spent only $602 on project costs instead of the $1,200 expected because we replaced three sprinkler timers for less than budgeted and we only used $275 of the $1,000 approved for tree replacement. The 12-31-2013 checkbook balance was $6,566. Finding no questions, the report was approved by acclamation.


B.    2014 Budget:  Revenue is forecast at $15,225 reflecting the request for $100 per household including a $25 donation.  As of today, $14,515 has been received and there are still 18 homes that paid last year that have not paid yet this year.  Our water expenses are budgeted at $1,800 as rates are expected to increase 8%.  We receive the water bill at the very end of the year.  We added a new line item for tree spraying and trimming at $950 as we expect this to be an ongoing program to retain our existing trees.  In response to a homeowner’s question, Walt Gerstner clarified that the spray is primarily a fungicide for the Crab trees and a different formula for the Austrian Pines.  Our trees have not been sprayed over the past 22 years.  Holiday decorations, Welcome Committee, Printing & postage and Miscellaneous will be combined in future statements into “Administration.”  Projects for 2014 include: 1) $500 for sprinkler repairs (2 broken heads and some underground damage); 2) $1,000 for Island tree replacement (primarily work to island #3 not completed in 2013); 3) $1,000 to research and implement electrical upgrades to the entrance lighting (ground fault problems have resulted in higher bills, we may install LED lighting, and light bases need repair or replacement); and 4) $2,150 for tree work at the 8 Mile entrance.  Three Austrian pines at 8 Mile are significantly diseased; at 40’ high they pose a hazard if they fall over.  We will meet with the City Forestry Dept. to get their advice and to confirm our easement dimensions.  After finding no questions from homeowners, the Budget was approved by acclamation.


C.   Directional Plan for 2015 and 2016:  Total income is projected at $15,000 for each year.  Operating expenses increase slightly annually for inflation and include $950 for tree spraying.  Projects each year are $500 for Sprinkler repair and $3,000 as a provisional line item for landscape needs.  Our arborist said if we spray the remaining Austrian pines, they should last another ten years.


D.   Vote to Amend Bylaws, Article IV Membership, Section 4 Dues:  increasing per household dues from $75 to $100.  Pres. Behrendsen stated a motion has already been made since we communicated this request in advance in our January letter and our recent postcard. A homeowner asked why our dues are not mandatory.  Pres. Behrendsen explained that our deeds were established this way by the original developer, probably to make it easier to sell houses.  The Board attempted to make them mandatory in 2004, but lawyers in our neighborhood opposed saying we would face lawsuits.  According to the City, our 75 to 80% collection rate is good compared to others.  Dave Wood noted that 77.7% of those who paid 2014 dues included the extra $25 requested.  Pres. Behrendsen clarified that this vote would be effective with 2015 dues.  We had a discussion about the pros and cons of living near the islands.  A homeowner said the Board has saved a lot of money by doing work themselves rather than hiring it out.  The motion to increase annual dues from $75 to $100 was approved by acclamation. 


Old Business:  Pres. Behrendsen read the list of our accomplishments given on the agenda.  Regarding our roads, we attend all City meetings where we are greeted by name.  We want concrete slab replacement, not asphalt.  Per Kevin Maillard, Director of Public Works, they will replace slabs in 2014 if they have money left over, and we will definitely be included in the 2015 plan.  In response to a homeowner’s question, we explained that we do not have sensors on our water meters now; the Board has a plan to check for leaks and turn the system off if we receive a lot of rain.  Dave Wood thanked homeowner Connie Vokal for placing flags at the 8 Mile entrance on national holidays. 


Election:  All positions are open for a 2 year term.  Nominations were requested from the floor three times.  The following slate of Officers was elected by acclamation for a two year term:

            President:                                Denny Behrendsen

            Vice President:                        Bob Moore

            Treasurer:                               Dave Wood

            Secretary:                               Diane Tsaprazis

            Trustees:                                 Walt Gerstner

                                                            Bob Ellis

                                                            Marsha McLean

            Welcome Committee:             Tenley Jackson


New Business: 

A.    Volunteers Needed:  We want to form a new committee for Holiday Decorations to put out decorations on more occasions.  Two people signed up.  Pauline Kehoe requested help with the annual Garage Sale, primarily distributing flyers, obtaining permits from the City and distributing them to sellers, and putting out signs.  Three people signed up.  We discussed various issues of past sales.  The Welcome Committee will point out volunteer opportunities to new homeowners.  We agreed we should advertise the sale is open on Thursdays. 

B.    Maintenance Reminders:   Pres. Behrendsen discussed our Deed Restrictions concerning upkeep; City ordinances also cover this area.  Snow is not to be shoveled into the street by homeowners or services; violators can be ticketed.  Difficulties with snow removal during the past season were discussed.  Pres. Behrendsen clarified that there are 3 tiers of City snow removal:  first, main roads (the Mile roads are the responsibility of Wayne County); second, emergency roads, including Ellen; third, the remainder of the roads if there is over 4” of snowfall.  A homeowner commented that our primary postal delivery person, Dave, did his best with the record snowfall. 

C.   Other Topics:  We discussed that Livonia Public school buses use amber lights, red lights, and then stop signs to signal drivers.  Farmington Public school buses driving along 8 Mile do not use lights or stop signs.  This situation is confusing for drivers and hazardous to children.  Pres. Behrendsen offered to call the Farmington Public Schools.  A homeowner asked about small motor bikes used in the neighborhood. Pres. Behrendsen said they are legal and do not have to be licensed, and drivers should wear helmets.


Adjournment:  A motion was made to adjourn the annual meeting of April 30, 2014.  By acclamation, President Behrendsen adjourned the meeting at 8:47 p.m.


Minutes prepared by Diane Tsaprazis